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Creating Custom Random Pools in Multimedia Fusion 2 and Clickteam Fusion

Last Updated: April 4th, 2015
In programming, a random pool is analogous to pulling marbles from a bag. Every grab reduces the remaining marbles by 1, until no marbles are left in the bag. This same concept is applied within MMFusion in the form of groups. This tutorial guides you how implement a completely custom cross-platform random pool mechanic in MMFusion.

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This image describes the process for building a custom random pool in the MMFusion product series.
Whats Next
Test your understanding! A list of possible modifications to this tutorial are listed below:
  • Don't remove picked options from the pool (after a marble is randomly picked from a bag, put the marble back in the bag)
  • Instead of randomly picking options until an available option is picked, let MMFusion try picking randomly 4 times before giving up on picking an option
In summary, the crux of this tutorial depends on the activation and deactivation of groups. Every option is located in its individual group. Activated groups represent options still available while deactivated groups represent exhausted options.

Follow the "MFA File" example located under the "Downloads" tab to explore a working example for this tutorial.

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