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Xable Object

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Important Information

Most Recent Update Date: August 27th, 2015
Documentation: View Xable Object Help
Raw Source Code: Source Code

For MMF2 and Clickteam Fusion.


  • Windows (.exe)


The Xable Object contains various  miscellaneous functions missing or incorrect within MMF2 and Clickteam Fusion.


  • You can add custom comments into any action, condition, or expression
  • Proper implementation of the modulus function according to modular arithmetic
  • You can manipulate other Active Objects through this object
  • You may easily retrieve the sign of a number
  • Easily convert between Cartesian coordinates and Polar coordinates

Basic Examples

MMF2 and Clickteam Fusion

Clickteam Fusion only

  • Examples coming soon!

Known Problems

- The "Change Stored Object's Angle" has no effect in Clickteam Fusion. 

- The "Retrieve Stored Object's Angle" does not work in Clickteam Fusion. As such, the expression always returns -2 in Clickteam Fusion.

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