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The Expression Editor in Multimedia Fusion 2 and Clickteam Fusion

Last Updated: April 20th, 2015

A good carpenter knows how to use his tools correctly... A great carpenter knows how his tools work and how to make the best of them. The Expression Editor within Multimedia Fusion 2 and Clickteam Fusion is a critical component of the program. It is a necessity almost every application! Some time or another you will dig around and need to find out what all the expressions has to offer. 

The "Clickteam Fusion Expression Editor Basics" and "Multimedia Fusion 2 Expression Editor Basics" documents explain various commonly used functions under the "Special Object", states what type of data the function returns, and how to use properly use the function within Clickteam Fusion and MMF2. 

The "Clickteam Fusion Basic Object Reference" document expands upon these documents by describing the actions/conditions/expressions of the 8 basic objects (listed below) within MMFusion.

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